Seasonal Devotionals


Upper Room Devotionals are daily reading materials consisting of an inspirational message from a contributor, a bible verse, and short prayer. These booklets are available in regular and large print formats. They are located in the sanctuary and lobby at St James.

Each Christian Season special devotionals are designed for study, reflection and prayer. The Lenten Devotional provides study for the 40 days prior to Easter Sunday with a focus on Christ’s sacrifice for us and our responses to that sacrifice. The Advent Season Devotional concentrates on the 4 week Advent Season prior to Christmas Day. This study is based on the anticipation, hope and joy of Christ’s birth.



Advent 2021

Advent Devotional November 28-December 4 (stjumc.us)

Advent Devotional December 5-11






Lent 2020

Lenten Season Devotionals