St. James UMY

Youth Participation in Church Life

Youth participate in the life of the church as lay readers, members of the Common Thread band, or as  acolytes. Selected youth members serve on standing committees at St James. Their mission projects include the Appalachian Service Project, Basket of Bubbles, and volunteering with Vacation Bible School. Each year church wide worship services are conducted by the Youth Fellowship.

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Youth Fellowship Group

UMYF is held weekly on Sunday nights beginning at 4:00 pm in Montague Hall; September-June.  All ages between 6th and 12th grade are invited to join us!   Our program includes discussion on topics such as: bullying, friends, faith, and building relationships with each other. Our Mission Statement is: “We will come together through friendship and fellowship to live boldly by having faith in Christ.  We will use this time to come together to support each other and reflect on scripture and Christian life today.”

Youth Praise Team

Our youth group rehearses each Sunday night beginning at 4:30 pm on the same meeting dates as the fellowship goup.  The youth are both part of worship services throughout the year and lead a worship service once a year.  This group includes vocalists as well as instrumentalists from ages 6th grade – 12th grade.

Youth Mission Projects

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